2013 Makers

  • 3D Printing at Mars Settlement

    When humans eventually settle the Red Planet they will rely heavily on fabrication tools in a lab similar to the hackerspaces and makerlabs wenwork and play in. In extreme environments far away from Earth, future pioneers will use polymer raw … Continue reading

  • 5th Kingdom

    5th Kingdom grows gourmet and medicinal mushrooms 5th Kingdom Tweet

  • ARLEne: Autonomous/ Remote Land Explorer

    From the ashes of an abandoned golf cart arose a phoenix of technological greatness. After much innovative forethought and electro-mechanical reconfiguration by a trio of dedicated Tech students, ARLEne no longer requires a human in the driver seat, per say. … Continue reading

  • ASIFA Atlanta

    Animate Already! DYI animation pros demonstrate money saving tips and rig building tricks to get small budget animation projects from script to indie screens. Presented by ASIFA-Atlanta. ASIFA is an international animation society. As the only chapter in the Southeast, … Continue reading

  • Atlanta Historical Computing Society

    The AHCS is a group that is dedicated to computer history nostalgia. They will be displaying classic personal computers, as well as displaying and working on a variety of retro computer kits. The modern Make movement parallels the early “homebrew” … Continue reading

  • Atlanta Hobby Robot Club

    The Atlanta Hobby Robot Club (A.H.R.C.) is an organization of hobbyists that sprang out of the Atlanta Computer Society in 1981. Our club’s purpose is to support Georgians who build robots by bringing them together in a format where they … Continue reading

  • Atlanta Printmakers Studio

    Print a Postcard! APS will bring a restored Sigwalt Ideal Platen Press, a table top press from the late 1800s. We’ll also have type set and ready to print postcards. Attendees will be able to print a postcard to take … Continue reading

  • Atlanta Robotics Solar Oven

     The Atlanta Robotics Solar Oven is capable of boiling half a gallon of water in 20 minutes. This solar oven can cook food using nothing but the power of the sun.  The high point of this solar cooker is that it … Continue reading

  • Atlanta Science Festival

    The Atlanta Science Festival is a celebration of local science and technology, March 22-29, 2014. Residents of all ages will have the opportunity to explore the science and technology in our region and see how science is connected to all … Continue reading

  • Atlanta Taiko Project

    Atlanta Taiko Project is the premier Japanese-style taiko group in Atlanta. This is a community group who are leaning taiko drumming together with a desire to share it with as many people and groups as possible. Although we use traditional … Continue reading

  • Autonomous Humanoid Robot using ROS

    I will present and discuss at least one autonomous bi-ped robot, discuss ROS and the steps to building bi-ped robots. I may be able to present some interesting technology from Intel. Stay tuned on that. Still hashing out the details. … Continue reading

  • Be Craft Happy

    Creator of fun, everyday accessories from tote bags and scarves and key chains and jewelry to wall art. All handcrafted from beautiful fabric finds and some upcycled materials. I will be bringing t-shirt fabric remnants to make t-shirt flowers that … Continue reading

  • Belle Helmets

    Belle Helmets is a unique company that transforms bicycle helmets into portable works of art. All of the helmets are hand-painted by painter and cyclist Danielle Baskin in efforts to make safety accessible and fashionable. Created with acrylics, ink, vinyl, … Continue reading

  • Beltline Bike Shop

    Beltline Bike Shop takes in donated bikes and then invites kids in downtown Atlanta to earn a bike of their own through community service. The shop serves as an open work space where kids learn how to repair and rebuild … Continue reading

  • Bill’s Robots and Vintage Computers

    I have been collecting electronics, vintage laptops, and hackable toys for the last year intending to use them in an independent film. The film is no longer being made and it is just too many projects for me to handle … Continue reading

  • Blacksmithing Demonstration

    Industrious Designs is a one person shop that makes all sort of things with metal. Blacksmithing is one of the techniques I use for making cool stuff . I will be forging items with hammer and anvil throughout the day. … Continue reading

  • Blokify

    Blokify is a free 3d modeling iOS application that allows everyone, including children, to easily build anything their imaginations can conjure. We use a block-based building system and tool free UI to make building process quick and easy. The transition … Continue reading

  • Botmite – autopilot drone UAV

    Botmite is a functional autopilot, programmable or human directed model airplane sporting electric motor power. Recent upgrades include carbon fiber wrap and possibly by show time a new set of wings. A demonstration of the new vacuum pump system may … Continue reading

  • Brooklyn Aerodrome

    Come learn about DIY RC aircraft made from recycled stuff and some RC gear. Our Flack (Flying + Hack) delta wing can be made in a few afternoons and is a great way to learn to fly and build RC … Continue reading

  • BuildLabAlpha Makerspace

    BuildLabAlpha is a brand new makerspace located in Alpharetta, GA, serving the northern suburbs of Atlanta. Our mission is to foster creativity, resourcefulness, and build technical skills while having fun and being social. We invite early tech adopters, digital and … Continue reading

  • Chemical Reactions with The Children’s Museum of Atlanta

    Just as little changes on a molecular level can drastically impact the properties of the bulk material, new ideas in children can drastically change the adult they grow into. As leaders in early childhood education, children’s museums, including Imagine It! … Continue reading

  • Chinese Name Calligraphy

    Artists from Atlanta Association of Chinese Calligraphy(AACC) will make your name in Chinese calligraphy! Chinese Name Calligraphy Tweet

  • Clean Cookstoves by EWB

    Exposure to smoke from traditional cookstoves and open fires are major causes of respiratory problems in the developing world. Women and young children are especially affected, as they receive the most exposure to these harmful contaminants.       Georgia … Continue reading

  • Clue Town Books

    Clue Town Books are a series of ready-to-solve scavenger hunts located in walkable areas of Atlanta, Georgia (Piedmont Park, Oakland Cemetery, and Downtown Decatur). Hunters use landmarks to solve puzzles. The solutions to those puzzles reveal how to get to … Continue reading

  • Clutch Leatherworks

    Clutch Leatherworks is defined by high quality, unique leather accessories that make a statement. Each piece is meticulously hand-crafted by designer Jana Wolf, who stands faithfully behind the quality of her work. She personally selects the finest materials to ensure … Continue reading

  • Community Guilds

    Community Guilds wants to increase high school graduation and college completion rates by decreasing the opportunity divide. We do that by increasing the number and types of apprenticeships and maker spaces for urban youth in the Metro Atlanta area. We … Continue reading

  • Concrete Jungle

    Concrete Jungle is a volunteer-run organization that picks fruit from all over the Atlanta area and donates it to local homeless shelters and food banks. To date we have donated over 15,000 lbs of fruit and vegetables from neglected trees … Continue reading

  • Dead Pan Days

    Custom hand made wooden dolls from Pop culture, musicians, and artists. Illustrations and paintings with a punk/junk flair. I will bring my supplies and paint there and even have a few dolls showing each step of the process. Dead Pan … Continue reading

  • Decatur Makers

    Decatur Makers brings two cool projects to AMMF13. Flexagons: We will have materials where participants can make origami flexagons from paper, and also 3 dimensional flexagons from wire and straws. Non-Newtonian Hopscotch:  a new twist on an old game. Hop and … Continue reading

  • Dunwoody Homeschool Hive

    Handmade goods from the kids of the Dunwoody Homeschool Hive including: – goat’s milk soap laundry detergent – dinosaur and robot shaped soap – dinosaur and robot shaped crayons Dunwoody Homeschool Hive Tweet

  • Dunwoody Homeschool Hive’s Parent and Child Projects

    Parent and child projects from the Dunwoody Homeschool Hive including a leaf blower powered hover craft, a child-sized stand-up paddle board, and a desktop catapult. The Hive’s First Lego League Team (Molecule Mashers) will talk about this years FLL challenge … Continue reading

  • Engineering Help 5¢

    I’m here to answer your engineering and design questions at a 3,000% discounted rate. Also, learn about taking products from concept to reality using examples that you can get your hands on. Engineering Help 5¢ Tweet

  • Fabricate Studios

    A modern learning environment for sewing and craft classes. We have an incredible community of instructors that offer instruction at any level, beginner through advanced, for children and adults. Improve your skills or learn something new! www.fabricateatlanta.com Tweet

  • Filastruder

    Filastruder is an at-home filament making machine. Filament is essentially ink for 3D printers and it can be pretty pricey. The Filastruder takes plastic pellets and turns them into filament for your 3D printer at about 1/10 the cost of … Continue reading

  • FIRST Robotics Team 4080

    FRC team Reboot is a high school robotics team made up of home schooled students. We compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). In FRC the challenge changes every year and each team only has six weeks to build and … Continue reading

  • Foundations for the Future Elementary School

    Foundations for the Future Elementary School Elementary students from Foundations for the Future Elementary will showcase the “inventions” they made. Foundations for the Future Elementary School   Tweet

  • Freeside Atlanta

    Atlanta’s premiere Hacker/Makerspace. Displays of past projects (offroad wheelchair, infinity mirror, hexacopter, etc) Demo: Midi controlled Tesla coil, Twitter controlled RGB christmas lights Hands-on: (Lockpicking, others in progress) Freeside Atlanta Tweet

  • G3 Robotics: Using FIRST to Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers

    G3 Robotics, FIRST Team 1648, is a team of aspiring student engineers and adult engineering mentors at Grady High School in Atlanta. We use robotics to inspire students to develop and pursue their interests STEM fields through programs like the … Continue reading

  • GaTech Design/Build/Fly

    The Aerospace Design/Build/Fly club at the Georgia Institute of Technology is focused on teaching students the fundamentals of aircraft and flight through the design and building of model airplanes. Founded in 2009, the club participates in international competitions such as … Continue reading

  • Geekspace Gwinnett

    Showcasing a Raspberry Pi project amongst others…       Geekspace Gwinnett     Tweet

  • Georgia Tech Invention Studio

    The Invention Studio is student-run design-build-play space open to all Georgia Tech students. It is staffed Undergraduate Lab Instructors, student volunteers who are always on hand to train and help with students with their projects projects. Use of the studio … Continue reading

  • Georgia Tech Ramblin’ Rocket Club

    A display of a wide variety of rockets and rocketry gadgets from the rocketeers of Georgia Tech’s Ramblin’ Rocket Club.   Georgia Tech Ramblin’ Rocket Club Tweet

  • Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project

    The Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project has made a “smart” beehive that includes a digital hive scale, temperature sensors, and humidity sensors. These devices let us monitor our bee activity over the internet! We will have our smart hive … Continue reading

  • Golda Kombucha Tea Co.

    Golda Kombucha is Georgia’s first and only supplier of oak-aged Kombucha Tea. For over 2,000 years, Kombucha tea has been regarded as the “Elixir of Life” , now you can enjoy this fermented health beverage locally in Atlanta, Georgia. Named … Continue reading

  • Green Art Gadgets

    Toys for My Middle Age and Beyond I combine discarded post-consumer items, like video game controllers, cameras, fax machines, dust busters, irons, and electronic toys with other materials to make new sculptural objects. These gadgets yield surprising transformations; an iron … Continue reading

  • GVU Research Center Demos

    Demos of projects and hardware from the GVU Center, an interdisciplinary research center at Georgia Tech. Demos will include a wearable computer that can help you work with wild dolphins, and a vest that can help assistance does work with … Continue reading

  • Hackerspace Charlotte

    Charlotte North Carolina’s premier hackerspace will be back for a third year Some of of the things we’ll be doing are: · 3D Printers · Quadcopters · Compressed Air Rockets – you make, you launch it, you it keep it! … Continue reading

  • Halo Spartan Armor

    Christopher Elsey – made a replica suit of Mjolnir armor from the Halo series. This was a project done for a seminar in my first year at Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) and has updated it since. The armor is … Continue reading

  • Ham Radio Demo

    Today’s Ham Radio empowers Makers with kit builds and plenty of RF spectrum to create worldwide communications. See demonstrations of low power kits, the latest direct conversion radios and watch the team demonstrate radio-sport around the world as they participate … Continue reading

  • Heavenly Handspinning

    Maker of spinning tools. Www.heavenlyhandspinning.com Tweet

  • HYREL 3D Printers & Technology

    We make industrial-grade, robust, all-metal 3D printers. With our interchangeable hot-swappable extruders, we can turn your HYREL 3D printer from printing with Plastics to 3D printing with Sugru, Clay, Plasticine, Porcelain, Silicone RTV, and more materials coming! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/25111729/hyrel-3d-printer Tweet

  • IDSA Georgia Tech

    An exhibit of work completed by Industrial Design students during a competitive design charrette.   IDSA Georgia Tech   Tweet

  • IEEE Innovation Team

    The Georgia Tech IEEE Innovation team is a group designed to allow any student to learn new skills by participating in the numerous projects we might have running. Last year, to name just a few, we had decided on bluetooth … Continue reading

  • Jert

    I am a painter and illustrator, I create Pop art and portraits of important characters, artists and thinkers. I want to sell drawings paintings and prints of my creations. www.jert.co Tweet

  • Jewelry-Making Demonstrations

    We will be demonstrating chainmaille and various metalsmithing techniques as we design and create jewelry items on the spot, depending on our current supply of materials and found objects as well as our whims of the day. Jewelry-Making Demonstrations   … Continue reading

  • King of Pops

    Handcrafted All-Natural Pops atlanta.kingofpops.net Tweet

  • Klapthor’s Universal Robots

    Wheel thrown pottery is reassembled and used to create handmade robot characters. In addition to featuring many robot creations, I will also be assembling a robot on site and documenting its progression from pots to robot. Klapthor’s Universal Robots Tweet

  • Lauré Designs

    Laure Designs is based in Atlanta, GA.. LD items have been featured in Jezebel magazine, Print & Pattern, Atlanta INtown magazine,Paris on Ponce, ICE Atlanta and Borderline Gallery! All Laure Designs items are one off limited editions, no two are … Continue reading

  • Learn to Solder 2013

    Learn to Solder booth         Learn To Solder   Tweet

  • Liberated Tech

    Liberated Tech is a nonprofit technology education and recycling cooperative opening in July at Freeside Atlanta. We train volunteers how to refurbish donated computer equipment. Our volunteers gain hands-on software and hardware skills and also earn a computer through community … Continue reading

  • LibraryBox

    LibraryBox is an anonymous fileserver based on cheap hardware that runs on little power and serves files to any wifi-enabled device with a browser. It is a fork of the Open Source project PirateBox, altered to be more comfortable to … Continue reading

  • Linden Longboards

    I make up cycled Longboard Skateboards from Vintage Trick Waterskis. Www.etsy.com/lindenlongboards Tweet

  • Linoleum Block Prints by Suzi Linden

    Hand cut and pulled linoleum block prints. I love to explore the relationship of positive and negative space. I use Akua Intaglio soy based ink. If you would like I can bring a small press and create prints on site. … Continue reading

  • Lock Pick Village

    Jax Locksport, a chapter of TOOOL (The Open Organization Of Lockpickers), aims to teach people the fundamentals of how locks work and how they can be picked. We have a zero tolerance policy for people who want to pick locks … Continue reading

  • Maker Joe

    Discarded and obsolete machinery and electronics transformed into fine art including interactive sculptures with kinetic and/or electronic elements. Maker Joe Tweet

  • Maker Shed

    The Maker Shed is the ecommerce branch of Maker Media, the creator of Make Magazine and Maker Faire. We sell hundreds of products that inspire others to make — everything from robotics and electronic kits to crafts and toys. www.MakerShed.com … Continue reading

  • MakerStash.com

    MakerStash is your secret source for high quality 3D printing filaments. We will be letting visitors make a bioplastic bouncy ball from corn starch.  The process is similar to the one use to make our PLA filaments.  Come check it … Continue reading

  • MAKI – 3D Printable Humanoid Robot

    Hello Robo was founded with the vision of making personal robotics more accessible and affordable for everyone. To realize this vision, we are developing open source robots which can also be replicated using a desktop 3D printer. This enables educators … Continue reading

  • MAMA Art Collective

    The Atlanta-based MAMA Art Collective was founded in the Spring of 2013 by a few crafty, community seeking women with young kids. After hearing about the Berkeley Hacker Mom space, we couldn’t help but want our own. We’ve built a … Continue reading

  • Marcy Lamberson – Glass

    Handmade, one of a kind glass items made using a 2000 degree torch for melting glass rods and other types of glass. Jewelry, sculpture, whimsical home items and blown glass ornaments. Marcy will be bringing her hothead torch and will … Continue reading

  • Mardepp

    Booth showcasing printmaking and book arts. Mardepp Tweet

  • Metal Art Dude

    I intend to start the day off with a pile of scrap metal, weld it, grind it, hammer it, compose it, and have a completed piece of sculpture by days end. Tweet

  • Microfluidics as Resistors for Building Fluidic Circuits

    This microfluidic kit teaches Ohm’s law and the addition of resistors in series and parallel directly observable the visible flow of fluid through microfluidic channels that act as resistors (R). By direct measurement of the flow rate (I) and fluid … Continue reading

  • Monitoring the Air Pollutant, H2S

    Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a toxic air pollutant generated in the extraction and burning of fossil fuels and by other industrial and natural processes. Recently, there have been calls by environmental advocacy groups for new methods that citizens can use … Continue reading

  • Mosaic Art Work

    Mosaic artwork using a variety of tesserae on various substrates. I will be making a mosaic wall hanging demonstrating several mosaic techniques. Materials will include but not limited to: vintage china, handmade pottery, glass, stained glass, tiles, beads, found objects, … Continue reading

  • Mousetrap Powered Tools and Toys

    Mousetrap powered toy cars are great projects for kids. They teach basic physics principles and inspire creativity. The simple design of a mousetrap, powered by a simple helical torsion spring, can be adapted and enhanced with gears and levers to … Continue reading

  • Near Chaos Robotics/ BeJeweled Whimsy

    Near Chaos Robotics designs and builds fighting robots and will be showing off their small fleet of fighting robots.       BeJeweled Whimsy features jewelry, haberdashery, and oddities made by Julie Simancek.       Near Chaos Robotics BeJeweled … Continue reading

  • Nerdy Derby

    Following the lead of ITP at last year’s New York Maker’s Faire, Georgia now has its own Nerdy Derby track. The track is 8+’ tall and 32′ in length. Over 3500 kids of all ages have raced with us this … Continue reading

  • New Depression Guitars

    I create fully playable musical instruments from found and recycled objects. New Depression Guitars Tweet

  • OpenROV: The Open-Source Underwater Robot

    OpenROV is an open-source underwater robotics community founded by Eric Stackpole and David Lang in Berkeley, CA. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, OpenROV aims to democratize technology-driven exploration, allowing people of any age, background, or skill level to build their own … Continue reading

  • Overworld Designs

    Props and costumes from video games, comics, and movies brought to life! Overworld Designs is a project by Atlanta based designer Michelle Sleeper to bring weapons and armors from popular media in to the real world. See the steps needed … Continue reading

  • Paint Pulse

    Paint Pulse is a project which seeks to build upon the water marbling crafts of Ebru and Suminagashi with digital behavioral additions. The idea is to design intricate, flowing patterns of paint directly on the surface of water which you … Continue reading

  • Paper Rockets

    The Red Mountain Makers of Birmingham have made and launched paper rockets. They take as little as 5 minutes to make and launch using compressed air to an altitude of about 200 feet depending on the pressure used. We have … Continue reading

  • Paper Roller Coasters

    Build marble runs using only paper and tape. Andrew’s Paper Roller Coaster templates have been used in schools in all 50 states and over 25 countries. It’s a great hobby for anyone that likes origami or engineering. Paper Roller Coasters … Continue reading

  • Plastic Scribbler

    Plastic Scribbler supplies open source 3D printers for all types of makers. Finally a 3D printer for the layman, our newest flagship product Asterid is a advanced additive manufacturing device capable of high resolution 3D prints. With three resolution settings … Continue reading

  • PorkBot

    Pork Clouds, an artisan pork rind start-up, hit shelves in Atlanta this July. Pork Clouds taste so novel that they fundamentally shift perception of the category wherever they go. But a one-person company can only go so far, so the … Continue reading

  • Protea Wild Crafts

    Protea Wild Crafts is a small, holistic business on a mission to Spread the Herbal Word! We handcraft herbal products in small batches with loving care and reverence for Nature. We are deeply committed to building relationships with local farmers … Continue reading

  • Prototype Robotics

    JD Warren is a maker and author of Arduino Robotics, and has been on the cover of MAKE magazine issue 22. Most of his projects include home-made robot frames with simple electronics and Arduino microcontrollers – the Lawnbot400 and the … Continue reading

  • Raspberry Pi XBMC with Navi-X

    When I use the word free, it assumes that you have a device that will run the free software, and an fairly quick internet connection. You do not have to purchase anything. You can download and run the XBMC (X … Continue reading

  • re:loom

    re:loom employs and empowers homeless and low-income individuals through weaving beautiful, one-of-a kind products out of upcycled materials. re:loom is a program of the non-profit agecny Initiative for Affordable Housing in Decatur, Ga. re:loom will bring a floor loom that … Continue reading

  • Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking

    Papermaking! Make your own sheet of paper out of cotton fibers. http://www.ipst.gatech.edu/amp Tweet

  • RoboJackets

    The RoboJackets are a student organization dedicated to the promotion, education and advancement of robotics. We participate in multiple different competitions ranging from remote controlled fighting robots to fully autonomous self driving vehicles. http://www.robojackets.org/ Tweet

  • Robot Micro Battles

    Return of the arena! 1 and 3lb robots fight it out in a fully enclosed arena. www.robotbattles.com Tweet

  • Robotics in Schools / FIRST Robotics Team 3573

    We are FIRST Robotics Team 3573 The Ohms and we make robots. Creating, expanding, and encouraging interest in STEM fields is a critical area at all levels of education. The Ohms, FIRST Robotics Team 3573 headquartered at the Rockdale Magnet … Continue reading

  • Rostock Mini 3D printer

    A rostock-mini is a small desktop sized Delta-Bot 3D printer. It extrudes melted plastic to build 3D objects layer by layer. Rostock Mini 3D printer Tweet

  • Roundabout

    Roundabout is my outlet for creative re-use and re-purposing of mostly vintage materials like books and wallpaper. It all started as a small idea to turn old books into sketchbooks for my friends, and over time I’ve cemented my process … Continue reading

  • S&T GeoTronics

    We make Arduino based Open Source GeoTech devices that deliver Location Based Entertainment. Our line of small micro-controller based products are aimed at Geocachers & anyone enjoying the great outdoors. S&T GeoTronics Tweet

  • Solar Car Race

    Students build a solar-powered car that will travel under bright sunlight or anywhere with the rechargeable battery pack. The Solar Car Kit Deluxe contains everything for a complete self-sustainable solar powered racer that can be used indoors or out and … Continue reading

  • Songbells

    Songbells are multi-tonal bells made from compressed air tanks of all kinds. All tanks are cut from recycled materials. Each bell can have as many as 16 individual tones, dependent on the size and shape of the cuts being made. … Continue reading

  • Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance

    Fiber arts? Think sewing, quilting, weaving, spinning, dyeing, knitting, crochet, felting, lacemaking, needlework, rug hooking, surface design, and many other techniques involving fiber, thread, and/or fabric. Stop by to see various fiber techniques demonstrated throughout the day and to try … Continue reading

  • SPSU Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team

    The SPSU AUV Team will featuring their entry for the RoboSub Competition held by the AUVSI Foundation and ONR. They will also host submarine races for Faire-goers.   SPSU AUV Team Tweet

  • SPSU Electric Vehicle Team

    We are a group of students at Southern Polytechnic State University interested in developing electric transportation. We built an electric motorcycle to compete in the TTXGP (electric motorcycle racing series) with a top speed of 160 mph. We also have … Continue reading

  • Steampunk Robotics Club

    The Steampunk Robotics Club is currently comprised of 2 FLL robotics teams and 1 Jr. FLL robotics team. In celebration of all things STEM and in the makerism spirit of steampunk, the club would like to share with other youth … Continue reading

  • SteamSaucer

    This Alternative History creation explores what if Victorian Scientists had learned to create what we know today as flying saucers using as yet undiscovered techniques. SteamSaucer is that simulated recreation. Its Parsons steam generator powers both a piston engine for … Continue reading

  • Stereolithography 3D Printing On The Form1 Printer

    Form1 3D Printer Demo. Observe one of the latest Prosumer 3D printers to use Stereolithography (SLA) in action. There will also be a demo of the PreForm print setup software and the post print part cleaning process. There will be … Continue reading

  • Swap o rama rama presented by the Indie Craft Experience

    You are invited to Swap-O-Rama-Rama, presented by the Indie craft Experience. A giant clothing swap and series of do-it-yourself workshops in which a community explores reuse and creativity through the recycling of used clothing. How does it work? * Clean … Continue reading

  • Team Firebirds

    Team Firebirds 1284 is a group of 10 outstanding homeschool kids in the west Georgia area. This team was selected from the members of the Phoenix Homeschool Robotics Club. The club was formed in early 2012 to provide a safe … Continue reading

  • Terrarium Design

    Like many inventions, Terrariums were an accidental discovery. A gentleman by the name of Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward was attempting to observe the metamorphosis of an insect in a closed environment. Using a simple glass bottle with some soil and water, … Continue reading

  • The Craft Room

      The Craft Room is an arts and crafts playhouse for kids and adults, located on Atlanta’s Westside. We provide the space, tools and supplies for people to “make” – projects that walk out of the Craft Room include: wooden … Continue reading

  • The food makers

    Play with your food! Learn how to become a maker of food. The food makers Tweet

  • The MASS Collective

    Hello! We would like to present a number of our projects and sell merchandise and art. Our exhibit would include: Hand made 6″ reflecting Telescope, Sculpture of Duncan Shriah, Sterling cycle Model Tractor and other projects. Our workshop aspect would … Continue reading

  • The Poetry Van

    Big white van. Come write poetry on it. Tweet

  • The Science of Fun STEM Camp

    The Science of Fun is a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) educational enrichment company. Kids learn best when science is fun! We will have hands-on activities for kids and adolescents such as a 50-foot solar balloon, marble roller coasters, and … Continue reading

  • The Secret Society of Paper Cuts

    Join a secret society and learn more about making pop up cards, paper puppets and mechanical paper toys from Crankbunny, animator & paper artist Norma V. Toraya! Make sure to ask Crankbunny how she evolved from using simple tools (such … Continue reading

  • Think. Do. Make.

    What is design? How does one do it? Is doing design similar to doing science, engineering, art, or some combination? We will explore these questions by doing design – short deep dives and extended engagements with a range of design … Continue reading

  • Tops for Tots

    I make tops for kids and decorate them with their favorite colors. Watch me create and decorate a top using my wood lathe in less than two minutes. Tops for Tots Tweet

  • Unlimited Integrated Systems

    We have developed add-ons aimed at robotics and general purpose projects with the RaspberryPi. At AMMF we will be demoing both an easy to use electrically isolated motor controller and a versatile enclosure. Our controller can accommodate up to 2 … Continue reading

  • Urban Art Bike Rodeo

    Art 120 and their band of creatives will be have their collection of kinetic sculptures out for a ride. Meet the urban art bikers who built these bikes from concept to completion in our workshops. Take an art bike for … Continue reading

  • ViewMaster

    Inspired by the popular toy, the ViewMaster displays live video feeds from unsecured IP cameras from the Internet. These cameras are shown randomly, offering a view into many people’s every day contexts and lives. Sometimes, while looking through a particular … Continue reading

  • Water Balloon Launching Trebuchet

    This is a human powered (kid powered) water balloon launching trebuchet. Launches soft ball size water balloons 75 yards. Made from off the shelf materials. www.PortaTreb.com Tweet

  • Wearable Planter

    3d printed jewelry to let you incorporate plants into your wardrobe. ALSO a seed bomb workshop Wearable Planter Tweet

  • WonderRoot Creative Reuse

    WonderRoot Creative Reuse is a project of WonderRoot based in Atlanta, GA. The purpose of our program is to promote artistic expression, environmental awareness and community through the collection and redistribution of salvaged materials for creative reuse. WonderRoot Creative Reuse … Continue reading

  • Wylde Center

    The Wylde Center expands access to greenspace and creates working gardens to cultivate community and environmental education. Wyldecenter.org Tweet

  • X-Winder

    The X-Winder is the World’s first small scale, desktop, affordable filament winder capable of building composite and carbon fiber structural components at a fraction of the cost of of commercially available products. X-Winder Tweet

  • YourDuino.com

    YourDuino is about learning how to make things with Arduino.. especially interesting high-tech inventions like Robots, Automation Systems, Weather Stations.,etc. YourDuino is a partnership between Terry King, Jun Peng and Mary Alice Osborne. Terry is an old Engineer from Vermont … Continue reading

  • Zeigler Homestead Services

    Zeigler Homestead Services (ZHS) was founded to help people that want to grow their own healthy food. ZHS is a full-service company that offers assistance throughout all phases of creating your own sustainable food – from design and construction/installation to … Continue reading